pretty in pink totally 80s baby shower

oh my goodness, this shower was so much fun! i have never seen so much *pink* in my life. there were pink forks, glasses, decorations, food...amazing. emily sue is a lucky girl - we were blessed with such incredible gifts and only had a few things to buy when it was all said and done.

faith & amanda - faith is 3 months pregnant and is beautiful

myriah, aly & kelly - aly is 6 months pregnant and looks amazing; didn't my book club girls rock on the 80s outfits?! wish the photo showed myriah's leg warmers & 5" stilettos...

emily, jane and kirsten - emily & kirsten give the best new mommy advice ever & jane will be taking emily's newborn photos http://www.ethniphotography.com/

faith, amanda & kelly - kelly is emily's godmommy and an overall incredible woman

kelly & wendy - wendy has a super-adorable 1-year old baby girl

kelly, wendy & jen - jen helped decorate even though she dodged the last photo!

kelly, kira, jessica & tina - kira is another book club rockstar; i knew jess & tina in high school and now we're all mommies...my how times have changed

wow...what a load

[on the couch] supermodel brie, hot-mama kirsten, & always-super-smokin' jane!

jen, angela & kelly - angela let us take over her beautiful home for the entire day...all being 5 months pregnant and still glowing gracefully

amanda, grandma campbell, aunt robin and mom (soon-to-be-grandma)! grandma c & aunt r came all the way from seattle to celebrate

hottest ladies on the block, these amazing gals put on the shower: rena, kelly, angela, [me], wendy, faith, melissa gail i can't tell you all how much it meant to me :)


coldwell banker baby shower

3.2.09 my awesome co-workers threw me a really fun shower. i can't believe how many cutie-patootie things we got for emily! everything from clothes to a daddy-vest (fleece vest that operates as a diaper bag) to hand-made blankets. norma hosted at her home so it was really cozy.