Welcome to naptime. Looks peaceful, doesn't it? Em's napping for the moment and I am crunched upon my laptop, monitor on full blast. "Oh, how sweet" you might say, "she's getting some work done while listening to her daughter sleep." Not so much. I'm shopping online (sorry, babe) and listening for poop.

When Emily and I came home from a trip to Seattle a few days ago, our home was normal. It watched as David whisked me into his arms, took me off to bed--------okay, not really. We went to the pool, had dinner, unpacked, did some laundry, the ush. David got some good peanut-time in before heading to work the next day. Day in the life.

Little did we know Emily had picked up a tummy bug that turned our home into an electricity-sucking machine. Bright and early Monday morning, the last two days' food arrived in a not-so-nice way. Poop, bath, scrub, disinfect, laundry, repeat.

So while our home is hospital-fresh, nearly every piece of laundry washed, and my child cleaner than ever before, I'd rather be living with a pile of dirt. Ick.

"Where's the silver lining?" you ask? Cuddling. Tons of it. Life is good again.

Miss Kitty makes it all better.

[You'll have to excuse me while I re-duct-tape the monitor to my head. Didn't think that would make a good photo.]