I am relishing these days at home with Emily. It's amazing to sit and watch her, even when she's sleeping. I wonder what she'll be like, how her personality will develop, what hobbies she'll take on, etc. Now that my camera is physically attached to my arm like one of 'those people' at Disneyland with the bright orange fanny pack, I have found myself making a few guesses to answer those questions...

Like father like...daughter?

She'll always say 'ok' to her mommy.

She'll be a daddy's girl. Who am I kidding...she already is!

...Or maybe a mommy's girl.

A volleyball player? [Whack]

She'll always tell the truth. -Or give us the "I didn't do it" look...

She'll be the perfect teen...all the midnight parties are happening now!

She'll have great style.

Best of all, she'll be happy.



Travis & Kelly (aka 'The Godfather' & 'Fairy God Mother') competed in the grueling annual Pole Pedal Paddle in Bend yesterday and did awesome! Emily and our friends Cassie & Gunnar's baby Reilly had their cheerleading debut. (David wishes I'd use "support staff" vs. "cheerleader" but we all know he's just in denial.)

Cassie, Gunnar & Reilly



Trav & Kel


And Baby Makes Three

David and I can hardly control our emotions today, we feel so overwhelmed by the birth of our little Emily at 10 this morning. 6 lbs 15 oz of the most beautiful site I've ever seen, and she is all ours. I may be able to put it in to words some day, but just not today. I can't think of the words to describe what we're feeling, and those that come to mind seem far too trivial. So for now, here are her first photos.

This is Kelly, our fairy-god-mother. Isn't she a natural with our little angel?
Kelly and Travis, fairy-god-mother and the godfather (respectively). Emily instantly fell in love!

What a Day

Wow! Today has been an interesting day. I (David) woke up with this feeling like something was going to happen today. Needless to say I didn't not expect the doctor to say lets go have a baby while we were at our weekly check up, I was expecting her to say I will see you at the hospital on Friday. But alas, we are here and it is now 4:08 in the am and Amanda is at a 6 with the pitocin cranked up.

We have been at the hospital since a little after 1pm on the 5th. I will say Amanda is a trooper and doing well. Just a quick rundown of the afternoon. Admitted at 1pm, induced at 3pm, water was acciddently broke at 8 during an exam...I have a feeling it was ready to go. Thats when the fun really began. She was a real trooper and made it 2 hours before calling for the good stuff that has allowed her to sleep some tonight. And that brings us to now...4:13 and waiting. We will have pics sometime tomorrow after little Emily arrives.

Good night.


What a Guy

I just wanted to take a moment [pre-baby craziness] to give props to my husband. He is not only an amazing man of God and leader of our family, but such a wonderful support to me. He has spent so much of his spare time lately trying to keep me from losing my mind - from suggesting the hike, to taking me to dinner, and lots of cribbage in the evenings! He rubs my back or my shoulder when they're aching and hasn't once complained.

So God please bless this man - what a guy!