Jane Johnson, a fabulous photographer and great friend, posted the following on her blog the other day. Rather than try and reiterate her comments, I think Jane says it best:
Jun05 Miss Emily: Bend Newborn Photographer
This spring has been extremely busy with an influx of newborn supermodels demanding some well deserved attention! And I have to admit–I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of each of these newborns! The standard, desirable newborn portrait seems to be the iconic peaceful, happily sleeping baby. However, the reality of getting these little ones to that place is a little more work than you might think. They’re used to living the pampered life, always wrapped up snugly in the cutest and softest blanket available, with a loved one cooing in their ear. But when I come over, the clothes come off, and they get more action than they’ve yet experienced. This makes for a very awake baby, and astounded parents at just how resistant their little one is to sleep that is normally never far away.

All that to say, that’s my favorite part. When you hire me as your newborn photographer, I not only work to get your baby comfortable and relaxed enough to sleep in some crazy positions, I’m typically shooting as you work to get them there as well. These aren’t just a few photos of your baby sleeping. These are lifestyle portraits: the family interacting, the nursery, the siblings, the dog, the chaos of your life in that wonderful, fleeting moment.
These sessions typically take no less than two hours. Usually longer. And the beauty of it is that we’re on their schedule. As hard as they fight, they eventually give in to sleep. And you are left with a wide gamut of photos to choose from displaying your baby’s personality even in the first few days of life.

And if you throw in a fantastic chair with a lot of history… you have me wrapped right around your little finger! And that’s exactly what happened with three day old Miss Emily. When I arrived at her house, I was thrilled to find the most beautiful chaise lounge in the master bedroom. But it wasn’t just any chaise lounge. Every thread on this chair could probably tell you a different story–especially the ones hanging on for dear life. When Emily’s great-Grandfather moved into his first house with his bride, he purchased this chair as a house warming gift. From the day it was delivered to their house, he sat on the edge of this chair every single morning to put his shoes on. I can only imagine the stories this chair has to tell! And I couldn’t wait to get Emily on there for a somewhat modern twist on the generational portrait. I loved every second of my time with Emily, even down to the tiny shoes already adorning the shelves in her pre-diva closet. I can already tell we will be best friends. And I know she loved being in the spotlight. Even if at the very end she decided she’d had enough of me in her face. David and Amanda: Congratulations on such a beautiful little girl! I’m already in love with your little peanut and can’t wait to watch her grow up!
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